Recipe of Super Quick Homemade Five Spice Pan Fried Pork Belly

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Five Spice Pan Fried Pork Belly

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The ingredients needed to make Five Spice Pan Fried Pork Belly:

  1. Provide 3 of short slabs of pork belly.
  2. Prepare 9 Tbsp of Soy sauce for marinade.
  3. Use 3 of Calamansi for marinade.
  4. You need 1 tsp of Salt & Pepper for marinade.
  5. You need 3 Tbsp of Cooking oil.
  6. Provide 1/2 of lemon.
  7. You need 1/2-1 Tbsp of Chinese Five Spice Powder.
  8. Take To taste of salt & pepper.

Instructions to make Five Spice Pan Fried Pork Belly:

  1. Prep: a few hours or overnight before cooking. Marinate pork belly slabs in soy sauce (enough to change meat color once absorbed) and calamansi (squeeze 1 per slab). Set aside in chiller..
  2. Take out chilled marinade of pork. Cut a few slits on the fat side to help it remain flat on pan when frying. Heat a non-stick pan with cooking oil. Don't put a lot, only 2-3 tbsp, as it's own oil will come out. I used a pan big enough to fit all three..
  3. Once hot enough (not too much that it will spit oil), place all 3 pork belly in pan and cover in low-medium heat. Let it defrost in pan, let water come out. Cover 7-10 minutes. You'll see pork thawed, cooking in its juices and fat still not rendered. This will help tenderize the pork. Flip it on the other side, and simmer in juices for another 6-7 minutes, covered.
  4. (Side 1) uncover, squeeze lemon on each and sprinkle a pinch of rock salt on each pork and fat area. Sprinkle a generous amount of five spice powder and ground black pepper. Get a back of the spoon and use to pat and spread salt & spices on belly. Cover 1 minute. Turn bellies on other side (side 2). Increase heat to medium. Add the same to this belly sides- remaining lemon juice, pepper, salt, five spice and spread with back of spoon, then cover. Do not flip yet. Let fat render on side 1..
  5. Let fat render on side 1 in pan in medium heat. You will hear popping sounds. Peek after a few minutes, you'll smell the spices. See if side 1 on pan has darkened in color before flipping on side 2..
  6. Reduce heat, careful of oil spitting when flipping pork belly to other side. Once flipped on side 2, increase heat to medium and cover. Listen for popping sounds, this means the fat is rendering. After a few minutes, peek carefully, if darkened in color, remove from heat and let oil drop on a rack before serving. Serve with rice, veggies or potatoes. Enjoy..

Succulent pork belly with crispy crackling is such a treat! This is a real wow dish – perfect for entertaining. I like to serve this with some rice and stir fried bok choy or broccoli. Mix the five spice and oil together to form a paste. Rub the paste into the meat side only, getting well into the cuts.

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